International refrigerated container ship market competition is unusually intense
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Holland research consultancy Dynamar says, at the present dismantling speed and boat age calculation, if the new shipbuilding orders flat, then to 2020, conventional refrigerated container ship is expected the number will be reduced to 370 vessels, accounted for less than 6 into the active fleet size. For conventional reefer ship owners, shipping and other container ship company plans to dramatically increase refrigerated ship price $1500 there is no doubt that the news so that they " feel exciting ."

Senior shipping consultant Dynamar DirkVisser points out, there is no doubt, especially since 2007, the state of supply and demand of special professional refrigeration or part of the seasonal cold box routes, refrigerated ship operator annual market share in the rapid expansion. They reported that the rate is much lower than the conventional reefer sometimes owner can bear the freight market share growth, so amazing.

However, for substantially raise up refrigerated container freight, shipping chairman said, refrigerated ship freight rate rises three will be used to supplement the industry investment and expansion of capital, because in the past 7 years, the ship freight to cover the rising cost of.

Regardless of the container ship owners or traditional refrigerated ship operator, market competition is unusually intense. However, conventional reefer ship company is highly " winter" bitter.

According to Dynamar research, refrigerated box volume steadily higher inhibition of shipowners Dingzao conventional reefer. From July last year to July this year, including professional refrigerated fish boat, 94 boats conventional reefer dismantled, disassembling transport power gross is 36000000 cubic feet, including therefore reduce the deck container box. The second half of the year disassembling speed accelerate evidence.

At the same time, will be dismantled capacity calculation, refrigerated container fleet, a net increase of 26 transport power ( 99600 refrigerated box socket ), from theoretic say, this is equivalent to more than 199000 refrigerated containers volume, adding more than 230000 TEU capacity (mostly as 40 feet refrigerated bulk box ).

Visser pointed out, not any container ship with conventional reefer to compete. In fact, professional refrigerated ship fleet and the global container ship fleet for comparison is meaningless. Professional operation in Latin America fleet mainly connected, South Africa and Australia and Europe, North America and the Far East perishable heavy goods north south route.

These routes on the deployment of the refrigerated container fleet for a total of 730 ships ( volume of about 3600000 TEUs ) accounted for 17% of total global fleet, if it has 390000 refrigerated socket calculation, this proportion will exceed 22.5%, which highlights the fleet of refrigerated box features.

Refrigerated cargo owner seems to think generally, refrigerated container ship operator in edge of conventional reefer industry after from now on the market continue to profit from. However, conventional reefer carriers is not a bleak future.

Dynamar noted, control more than 2 global market share the world largest professional refrigerated ship operation sea trade group Seatrade expected conventional reefer market supply and demand supply and demand to reach new balance, this sufficient dismantling or for next season will go fight a good foundation of freight.

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