Air Freight Service

As an agent of China Civil Air Transport Services (International), with time-defined and guaranteed services supported by preferred carriers, Joyspeed offers reasonable connections and fixed schedules on all main routes, with commercial lift as well as charter capacity. We offer competitive rates for all time and cost requirements. All end-to-end logistics processes are supported by our operation management systems, providing the customer with complete shipment transparency.

Air Import Procedural Flow Chart:

1¡¢Overseas Agents send pre-alert and shipping documents before flight departure.
2¡¢Joyspeed inform consignee for the shipment arrival notice. As concern parties¡¯ instruction, Joyspeed offer various service accordingly.
3¡¢Consignee provides all necessary documents, including Trust Instrument of Customs Clearance ,Invoice, Packing List, Customs Declaration Application Form, etc to Kerry at least 1 working day before flight arrival.
4¡¢Flight arrival in Shanghai (Day 0).
5¡¢Joyspeed will exchange Delivery Order with carrier and submit Customs entry (Day 1).
6¡¢Joyspeed will collect the Duty Demand Note from Customs Office and deliver to consignee who will pay the duty immediately upon receipt of Demand Note.(Day 1-2).
7¡¢Airlines release shipment to Joyspeed¡¯s appointed warehouse. When the duty is paid, Joyspeed will complete Customs formalities, then proceed applications with all other government agencies. After above are done, Joyspeed will apply to Airport Terminal for pick-up within half a working day (Day 1-2) for non HAZ, if HAZ cargo within four working day (Day 3-4).
8¡¢Joyspeed will deliver the cargo to consignee¡¯s job site and send POD to origin office (Day 2-3).

Air Export Procedural Flow Chart:

1¡¢After received overseas agent¡¯s sales lead, Joyspeed contact shipper accordingly and ask for the shipping order from shipper. Then Joyspeed send pre-advice inclusive all cargo details to overseas agent (4 ¨C 7days before flight departure).
2¡¢After received authorization for up-lift from overseas agent, Joyspeed send cargo delivery map and documents require form to shipper and ask shipper to send shipment and related documents to the appointed place at least no later than the morning of 1 working day before flight departure. Also we will book space with airline/carrier in advance.
3¡¢Shipper delivers cargo to the appointed airfreight warehouse and send the related documents to Joyspeed. Joyspeed check cargo details and documents once received them then confirm the details with shipper. (1 day before departure).
4¡¢Joyspeed arrange customs clearance and deliver cargo to airlines¡¯ warehouse. Joyspeed send pre-alert to overseas agent on the same day.(1 day before departure).
5¡¢Flight Departure
6¡¢Joyspeed check cargo status
7¡¢Joyspeed issue HAWB within 1 working day when shipper confirms the sample bill.
8¡¢Joyspeed will return the Customs documents to shipper when received from Customs offic.

Charter business cases: