[2012/12/27] (Hits8690) Sinotrans Shanghai harbor project fully completed

Sinotrans Shanghai Port International Logistics Limited business promotion and project completion ceremony was held recently. Shanghai Fengxian District deputy warden Wu Zhaozhong, Shanghai seaport Comprehensive Development Zone Director Xu Jianlong, Fengxian Customs Commissioner Wang Huimin Wang Lin, vice president of Sinotrans Limited, East China Sinotrans Limited company deputy general manager Xu Suntong attended the ceremony.

[2012/12/27] (Hits7818) The new " electronic eyes" to achieve " seconds " inspection of cargo clearance

In December 19th, relying on customs newly installed H986 system, land of Jiaxing City Logistics Limited container trucks took only 2 minutes to complete the examination procedures, well away from the customs point. This also marks the Hangzhou customs H986 system first shipment inspection procedures successfully completed.

[2012/12/27] (Hits6633) CSCL benefit cargo price twist smoothly

Mainly engaged in container shipping business of sea group shipping, swung the road go relatively smoothly.

[2012/12/27] (Hits6273) Container ship next capacity increased 1700000 box

Paris Alphaliner new weekly pointed out, this year the average freight container ship 20 years average low 55%, of which 5000 tank capacity following ship average freight only $5000 a day to $9000. As of this month, the idle capacity of 820000 boxes, plus the next year will have 1700000 boxes of the delivery of new vessels, expected that the situation will be more grim.

[2012/12/27] (Hits6175) Shanghai foreign trade volume in 2012 will exceed Sanqianwan box

According to the Xinhua News Agency reported, although facing shrinking demand for the international market, the domestic economic slowdown double difficulties, as the nation's largest foreign trade port, Shanghai port container throughput is expected in 2012 foreign trade can still achieve modest growth, achieving over 30000000 consecutive years of 20 cabinet, continue to maintain the first position of the world.

[2012/12/27] (Hits10177) Customs seized collaboration to realize Shanghai port customs single paperless full coverage

Since November, Shanghai customs and Shanghai entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau act with united strength, first in the nation to achieve clearance paperless full coverage, to further simplify the import and export declaration procedures, improve customs clearance efficiency of Shanghai port.

[2012/12/27] (Hits17811) International refrigerated container ship market competition is unusually intense

Holland research consultancy Dynamar says, at the present dismantling speed and boat age calculation, if the new shipbuilding orders flat, then to 2020, conventional refrigerated container ship is expected the number will be reduced to 370 vessels

[2012/12/27] (Hits41783) Far East Shipping comments: " Chinese voice sounded the ship finance market "

As Germany and the United States, Britain and other countries in the financing of the shipping market " suffer a big ", China is growing at an alarming rate and scale of financing high occupation.

[2012/12/27] (Hits7876) The first 10 months of this year the Shanghai customs import and export $665800000000 in total

The Shanghai customs has recently released the first 10 months of this year, Shanghai customs import and export situation. The first 10 months of this year, Shanghai customs import

[2012/12/27] (Hits13408) Shanghai Customs : the implementation of the strategy of regional development, promote the local economic development

The author from November 29th held in Shanghai, Shanghai and six provinces in Central China, and regional customs cooperation and joint meeting was informed that, in Shanghai and the middle six provinces

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