Railway Service

We have a large number of high-quality and experienced staff in railway service. We are good at organizing the transportation of large-scale engineering equipment, large-scale goods, Over-gauge goods, international rail transport, international multimodal transport, transit transport, domestic land transport, import and export intermodal transport plan, in-transit freight transport and so on. Tracking, door to door services have obvious advantages.

1. The shipper sends an order for the transport of goods, handles the consignment, loading and delivery of transport costs, and submits the receipt to the consignee.
2. The consignor or the outbound transport agency at the place of shipment shall fill in the domestic railway waybill according to the arrangement of the railway transport plan for the port, and the agent shall prepare for the departure according to the plan.
3. The shipper moves the goods into the station, and the cargo members check the goods according to the waybill. For the cargo that needs to be weighed, the freight officer should be weighed and the weight of the goods should be recorded on the waybill.
4. Checking and counting the cargo bill of lading, checking and collecting the transportation expenses, and stamping the date of the station name on the bill of lading to indicate the acceptance of the carriage.
5. Loading the goods and sealing the freight cars that need to be sealed.
6. Consignee accepts and extracts the goods according to the railway freight documents to the designated locations of the railway system.