Customs seized collaboration to realize Shanghai port customs single paperless full coverage
Author:yinhua  Time:2012/12/27  Hits:10458 

Since November, Shanghai customs and Shanghai entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau act with united strength, first in the nation to achieve clearance paperless full coverage, to further simplify the import and export declaration procedures, improve customs clearance efficiency of Shanghai port.

In April 23rd this year, customs seized to break barriers, jointly announced in Shanghai port of customs clearance pilot implementation of paperless, range of legal provisions to inspection by the commodity inspection authorities all export commodities and enterprises import seizure of goods. Now, this expansion of the pilot to all imports of seizure of goods, Shanghai port customs single paperless to achieve full coverage. Enterprises do not have to declare to the customs before the inspection and quarantine departments business site for the paper customs declaration, inspection and quarantine departments will customs electronic data sent to the customs, enterprise applies to the customs electronic declaration, customs clearance system electronic declarations and customs clearance form of electronic data for automatic alignment, handle the relevant customs clearance procedures, and will give instructions through the network and the port, airport receipt notify the enterprise, enterprise mail can be handled shipment and delivery procedure. From the declaration of the whole paper release without submitting clearance. According to estimates, the next year will help the company to save 17000000 hours clearance time.

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