Shanghai foreign trade volume in 2012 will exceed Sanqianwan box
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According to the Xinhua News Agency reported, although facing shrinking demand for the international market, the domestic economic slowdown double difficulties, as the nation's largest foreign trade port, Shanghai port container throughput is expected in 2012 foreign trade can still achieve modest growth, achieving over 30000000 consecutive years of 20 cabinet, continue to maintain the first position of the world.

Shanghai city port services director of general office Zhang Chaomei held recently told a conference, although the long triangle area in 2012 foreign trade growth is lack of power, but the regional customs cooperation mechanism to center-west region foreign trade economic development role is becoming increasingly obvious, and the central and western areas of the import and export of foreign trade maintained rapid growth, the Shanghai port in the better service Midwest process get port throughput new power.

Shanghai port group statistic shows, before 2012 3 quarters, on the Hong Kong Group completed 3.77 tons of cargo throughput, container throughput of 24223000 cabinet 20, than 2011 the corresponding period grow respectively 4.2% and 1.9%. Following the 2011 first create the breakthrough year handling capacity 30000000 20 cabinet after world record, Shanghai port throughput is expected in 2012 will across the global maximum threshold, and a small increase.

From the national port office data shows, before 2012 3 quarters, Hubei, Henan, Hunan, Anhui, Jiangxi, Shanxi as the representative of the six provinces in Central China, the total import and export volume reached 138400000000 U.S. dollars, in the national foreign trade the proportion has increased by 3% in the same period in 2006 to around 5%.

In the regional customs clearance mechanism drive below, Shanghai and Sichuan, Chongqing two provinces in the foreign trade between bond and become increasingly close, promote western open to the outside world highland. At present Chongqing is waterborne 90% goods through Shanghai port import, international air cargo has nearly one third of the ports in Shanghai import, import and export goods and Sichuan Province has nearly six to become the Shanghai port for import and.

It was associated with, before 2012 3 quarters, Chongqing import and export value of more than $40000000000, surged 1.2 times, Sichuan import and export value amounted to 43000000000 dollar, grow 28%.

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