Container ship next capacity increased 1700000 box
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Paris Alphaliner new weekly pointed out, this year the average freight container ship 20 years average low 55%, of which 5000 tank capacity following ship average freight only $5000 a day to $9000. As of this month, the idle capacity of 820000 boxes, plus the next year will have 1700000 boxes of the delivery of new vessels, expected that the situation will be more grim.

The report points out, at the beginning of this month, idle fleet to 231 ships, the capacity of 820000 boxes, which comprises 53 ships idle time more than half a year. In addition, 5000 boxes of the following ship freight remained at $5000 to $9000, of which the capacity of 1000 to 2000 compared to the 2000 container ship container ship to 5000 tank ship performance good, basic to balance the budget.

Next year the new ship delivery volume will reach 1700000 case, in the large vessels of the delivery, will continue to make the capacity of 2000 boxes and 5000 tank ship freight caused by stress. Since August of this year, the ship 's idle rate has increased from 6.4% to 8.2%.

Although the market environment is very severe, but shipping chairman Lu Fenghai is optimistic about yesterday, he in the company's 40 anniversary after an interview with reporters, although ship unbalance of supply and demand, but the owner generally are cutting capacity, coupled with the market is gradually recovering, expected next year shipping company will grow 10%. On the other hand, although the price there is uncertainty, in a season when there is fluctuation. But overall, due to the GDP looked promising better than this point, to promote container transport market demand.

For the shipping industry is facing the biggest problem is carry can pile up in excess of requirement. Lu Fenghai said, in recent years shipping capacity added pressure mainly comes from the investment owner, the container shipping industry investment the proportion is as high as 51%, but the new shipbuilding orders, the proportion of investment has dropped to 37%, show industrial supply structure has been well opportunity, future of industry supply and demand order has improved space.

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