CSCL benefit cargo price twist smoothly
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Mainly engaged in container shipping business of sea group shipping, swung the road go relatively smoothly.

According to CSCL's three quarterly reports, the first three quarters of the Company attributable to the shareholders of the listing Corporation 's net profit of 290000000 yuan loss, however, and the first half of the year accumulative total deficit 1200000000 yuan compared to have substantially reduced, mainly because of the third quarter over the expected profit, quarter attributable to shareholders of the listing Corporation 's net profit amounts to 991000000 yuan, an increase of 81.67%.

In fact, last year the CSCL also failed to escape the fate of loss in the first quarter of this year, and again after the two quarter loss of 1400000000 yuan, 200000000 yuan have profit; profit in the three quarter than the two quarter was significantly improved, although the fourth quarter is the container shipping market in the traditional low season, but in a sea cargo management of newspaper the reporter said, the year the company to profitability " problem ".

Now the company optimistic, and shipping in the November price increase fulfil related. Understand according to the reporter, October including shipping, COSCO, Maersk and other foreign liner company, was made in succession November Asia-Europe routes price increase plan, however, due to the 8~10 month liner company freight rate rises, desire to achieve, the industry was on the November price skeptical.

But reporters yesterday from shipping, COSCO and other than the company was informed that, in November the price policy has been accepted, which in the cargo compartment rate raised $500, $1000 is raised big cabinet.

Although the " Christmas goods have to do that, but we also reduced the number of transport back to domestic line, thus ensuring the relative balance of supply and demand, the current space rate is in 90% the left and right sides. " CSCL a responsible for airline operations manager told reporters, the follow-up will continue to increase, mainly depending on the market to the carrier attitude, we are united.

He also said, after all, relative to the dry bulk shipping, container shipping a higher degree of concentration, but if a price, may lead to a collective price of failure.

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