Frequently-used abbreviation of marine
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Abbreviation of marine

    HBL          House B/L
    I/S              Inside Sales
    IA               Independent Action   
    L/C            Letter of Credit   ¡¡
    LCL           Less Than Container Load
    M/T            Measurement Ton
   MB/L          Master Bill Of Loading
   MLB           Mini Land Bridge
   MTD           Multimodal Transport Document
   N/F              Notify
   NVOCC      Non Vessel OperatingCommon Carrier
   O/F              Ocean Freight
   OBL            Ocean (or original )B/L
   OCP           Overland Continental Point
   OP              Operation
   ORC           Origin Receive Charges
   P.P              Prepaid
   PCS            Port Congestion Surcharge
   POD            Port Of Destination
   POL             Port Of Loading
   PSS             Peak Season Sucharges
   S/(Shpr)      Shipper
   S/C               Sales Contract
   S/O               Shipping Order
   S/R               Selling Rate
   S/S               Spread Sheet Spread Sheet
   SC                Service Contract
   SSL              Steam Ship Line
   T.O.C            Terminal Operations Option
   T.R.C            Terminal Receiving Charge
   T/S                Trans-Ship
   T/T                 Transit Time
   TEU 20'        Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit 20'
   THC              Terminal Handling Charges
   TTL               Total
   TVC/ TVR    Time Volume Contract/ Rate
   VOCC           Vessel Operating Common Carrier
   W/M               Weight or Measurement ton
   W/T                Weight Ton
   YAS              Yard Surcharges

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