The new " electronic eyes" to achieve " seconds " inspection of cargo clearance
Author:yinhua  Time:2012/12/27  Hits:6901 

In December 19th, relying on customs newly installed H986 system, land of Jiaxing City Logistics Limited container trucks took only 2 minutes to complete the examination procedures, well away from the customs point. This also marks the Hangzhou customs H986 system first shipment inspection procedures successfully completed.

So far this year, Jiaxing port container throughput has exceeded the 300000 mark, year-on-year growth of 68%. The rapid growth of handling capacity of haven exercise efficiency raised taller requirement. Customs H986 system is to meet the port on the high pass rate of requirements and design. The full name of H986 system of large container / vehicle inspection system based on fast, X ray radiation imaging technology, with a penetrating superiority, high sensitivity, excellent image quality and other characteristics, can be on container cargo, empty, truck or container laminated entrainment, stowaway hiding for fast without opening the 100% inspection.

" In the inspection process, by vehicles passing drivers without stopping, direct passing inspection channel, the system will automatically to the container portion to scanning imaging. " Jiaxing customs office Jiang Yefeng introduced zhapu. According to the system each hour 200 cabinet design inspection capacity calculation, the system can be daily clearance of 1600 cabinets, the application of the system, the efficiency of customs clearance will substantially increase.

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